Saturday, March 01, 2008

Euphorbia capsaintemariensis

E. capsaintemariensis is another ally to E. decaryi. The deep emerald green leaves and erect cyathia distinguish it from E. decaryi. The above photo is of a seed grown plant. It has a branching and low spreading or prostrate habit; remains a single specimen and does not spread via underground stems. It flowers freely like E. francoisii. This species has a more restricted distribution coming from Cap Sainte Marie, the southern most point in Madagascar. The vegetation consists of low bushes and has the wind swept look. As its habitat lack dense shade, it is may explain why it is more sun loving compared E. decaryi. Also it enjoys a drier treatment too. While young seedlings can be pushed with more water to accelerate growth, at some point of maturity watering must be reduced or it will suffer from root loss or collapse from rot.

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