Thursday, March 06, 2008

Euphorbia ambovombensis

Another distinctive species from the Alluaudia-Didierea forest around the small town of Ambovombe in Southern Madagascar. It superficially resemble E. decaryi var spirosticha, but differs from having a large caudex and does not spread via underground stems. The branches are thin and roundish while those in E. decaryi are thick and angular. The photographed clone is unique amongst the few other clones from different sources in my collection. The leaf margin waviness depends on intensity of exposure to sunlight. The top leaves are sheltered while the bottom leaves are exposed. My other ambovombensis does not have this reaction exposure. It enjoys some shade. Strong exposure slows down growth but encourages flowering.

By the way, after some experimentation it is possible to root and start this plant from leaf cuttings. Nonetheless, it forms a caudex in time.

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Julie said...

This is a crazy looking Euphorbia! I love it! Neat about the sun exposure causing the ruffling on the leaf edges! Awesome plant!