Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Deutorocohnia brevifolia v brevifolia

Failure to notice your relatively "new" plants in flower is not a good sign. Possibly even symptomic of having too many plants and almost sign of negligence. A regular visitor to my collection spotted this xeric bromeliad in flower.  Lime green is an unusual flower colour.  I'm not completely sure if it is D. brevifolia v. brevifolia. I received it as that. It differs from its twin D. brevifolia v. chlorantha being bigger. Than again, what i also received a D. lorentziana. It is could be case of mixing up the labels.  D. lorentziana is a much bigger plant with close rosette 5-10 cm in diamater while D. brevifolia v. brevifolia is smaller with open rosette 5 cm across. Cultivation of this species is easy; grow in rocky open mix and full sun. 


Foilboy83 said...

Hi I found your blog through a search for taminbar island. I really like it!! I have some bromeliads, tilissandias, dracaenas, and such. I wish I could have more but the plants dont do well in this climate - even inside. Keep up the good work. I'll check back sometime and I will bookmark the page.

tulear said...

I didn't go to Taminbar Island. My friend did. Am fortunate to be the recipient of the plants.

Actually with a greenhouse that allow good temperature and humidity control i think it is easier to grow plants vs outdoor. Indoor gardening is always a challenge of insufficient light.