Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hydnophytum Sp hairy flowers - Part 8

I thought this would be just another H. moselayanum variant. Was lucky to be visiting my friend in southern Taiwan just when he returned from a trip to Jakarta. He brought back goodies (some ant plant seedlings) and offered me to pick a few. They were deemed to be of 1 type. Actually, the seedlings are most indistinguishable. I just picked 3 most dissimilar plants... and it turned out that one of them is really different. This one has got hairy flowers. And not only that the leaves and internodes are longer compared to other H. moselayanum under similar exposure to sun and watering regime. While free-flowering, it seems to be less self-fertile. Perhaps it is still a yound plant and sexually immature. The tuber has entrance holes "raised" like an annulus. It will be another one of those interesting species in need of locality data!

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Michel Monnier said...

Great pictures for great plants !!!
I try too to grow these plants ...