Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yellow Impatiens

This is probably the most beautiful impatiens species endemic to West Malaysia. I. oncidioides is a well documented species found along riverine forest in the montane zone of the Main Range. It is a lush herb that grows not too far from flowing water along earth banks in dappled shade.
Raymond Morgan mentions in his book Impatiens (Timberpress, 2007), that hybridizers have tried to cross this species with New Guinean species to produce good solid yellow flowers... but their efforts are not rewarded. The yellow genes appear to be recessive.

This species is not threaten on account of numerous seedlings and young plants. It even survived grass cutting activity along the trail. But it will not survive destruction of habitat unless transplanted to a suitable montane riverine valley. M. Henderson described this species being common in Cameroun Highlands and Fraser Hill in his 1960s book Common Malayan Wildflowers, but personally i have not seen it at Fraser Hill.

Other companion herbs include an iridescent "blue" begonia by the name of B. pavonina and gesneriads.

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